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I am

a bath sounds so nice 😌🌸

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A reminder that all things require easing into and time. If you believe and persist it will come to be. Sobriety is like yoga, the more you work on yourself, the more you grow and improve.

When asked by another reporter how Lagertha was able to reconcile with Aslaug, the woman pregnant with Ragnar’s child, Winnick said: 
“I think Lagertha understands the dynamic, and if anything I think she blames Ragnar more than Aslaug. Here’s a woman that shows up without having any support, shows up with a swollen bely, needs the help of Ragnar. [Leaving] shows [Lagertha’s] character of being a strong woman, and not having her ego get the best of her and being able to make a decision that she will do what’s right for herself and stick up for herself and decide that this is not the best situation for her and she really needs to leave. So, if anything, who do you really blame in a situation when someone cheats on someone? Do you blame the mistress, or do you blame the husband?”

The Mary Sue: Comic-Con Interviews: The Cast & Creator of History’s Vikings Discuss Their Strong Female Characters

26/30 Rutina Wesley


<3 Eric connecting with his inner nature 

My favorite episode of eric.


Tonight’s the night.


Actor:  Nelson Ellis
Character: Lafayette Reynolds
Show:  True Blood